Event Overview

OTS - Omren Technology Summit is a Virtual Summit, taking place on 31 May 2021.

The Summit is an annual gathering of OMREN and Global Research & Education community to share their knowledge, success stories, identify solutions, explore business opportunities, discuss current challenges and needs to improve services and achieve objectives of Connect, Collaborate and Innovate.

The Event is an ideal meeting place with power packed networking opportunities with diverse global and regional Stakeholders, NRENs, Researchers, solution providers, leading Industry Experts, Decision Makers, Policy Makers and Government Officials from across the value chain.

The Summit will feature 1 day of expansive line-up of stellar speakers, case studies, panel discussions, engaging discussions, unique presentations providing access to a wealth of industry-leading knowledge, sharing best practices & experiences, spotlighting trends, information exchange, cutting-edge insights and outlooks with actionable takeaways.

The comprehensive expo will showcase avant-garde solutions, specific transverse and latest technologies, cutting edge innovations, cost-effective products and services to meet the requirements.

The Summit hopes to enable a technically, financially manageable and sustainable national Information and Communication Technology infrastructure and services that shall effectively contribute to the development of innovation, research, education, strategic and international e-collaboration with the research and education community and improve the provision of world class e-infrastructure and services continuously meeting the sector needs.

The event anticipates to be a catalyst to foster more collaborations between organizations and countries in Research & Education Network and Innovation.

Objectives from the event



Oman Research and Education Network (OMREN) is a central part of a sustainable infrastructure that contributes to the emergence of an effective national innovation ecosystem. It provides the research and education community in the Sultanate of Oman with a common network and collaboration infrastructure adapted to their needs.

OMREN works with a vision to enable innovation, research, education, strategic and International e- collaboration for the research and education community of the Sultanate of Oman.

Omren Technology Summit aligns with Oman Vision 2040, which states that Education, Learning, Scientific Research and National Talents represent the top national priorities for the Sultanate of Oman.

Recently, the Sultanate is highlighting innovation and scientific research through the National Strategy for Education 2040, as it recommends improving the quality of scientific research.

Vision 2040 outlines a national system that empowers human capabilities in the educational sector and nurtures scientific research, innovation, and creativity to build a knowledgebased economy and society. It emphasizes that a leap is required in quality and quantity in the domain of scientific research and development, through the provision of diverse and sustainable sources of funding to support applied scientific researches to promote innovation in various fields.

Why NRENs ?

National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) around the world provide critical high bandwidth connectivity to research and educational institutions for the purpose of having collaborative research and education services (e.g. online virtual libraries, virtual labs, telemedicine, grid computing, cloud computing, high-performance computing, video conferencing… etc).

NREN’s members create bridges for virtual collaboration between themselves locally and globally with their distributed communities and peers. IT networks are now fully integrated into higher education’s core operational and are essential to its research mission and growing in the importance of its overall mission of teaching and learning.